Thursday, September 12, 2013

Human Male Topology 3.0

I have a new 3D model that you can download for free. I've been working with another talented artist, Russell Barton, to try and work out the topology from my previous model in order to build a base mesh that can not only be used to generated a male model but a female model as well.

This model comes with pre-defined polygroups, UV's and some extra subtools that should easily help you realize your own character without having to worry about the technical details to get up and sculpting as fast as possible.

The model also comes with 3 3D layers, armsUp, armsToSide and mouthOpen.

I'm creating a new website to house all the models that I have created with this topology at


I hope you enjoy using this model. Please post back and let me know what you are using the model for, I always get a kick out of seeing someone take my meshes and turn them into their own creations!


NickZ. :)


adrencg said...

Hey Nick, love your work. Is it OK to use a modified version of the model for a medical animation? My client is worried about rights, and I want to assure them it will be legal to use in our imagery.

Can you let me know if there's a monetary compensation involved for usage?

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for your generosity.
I was looking for Human Model for a personal project, and there are tons of them but without penis.
It looks that the other modellers don´t urinate any more. jaja

Thanks again.


manish jakhar said...

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