Sunday, March 4, 2012

3D Kinect Home Scanner

I found this software tonight and gave it a try

It took me a bit to get it up and running, it is run through a DOS command line so that is what threw me for a loop. Installation went smooth.

For some reason when I saved the OBJ and tired to open it in Maya it was giving me problems, wouldn't load.

So I opened the OBJ in ZBrush. I then used the Auto Groups in the Polygroups section. Then I held down Ctrl + Shift and clicked on the main surface/polygroup. This hides all the outer pieces that are not connected to anything. Then I used the "Delete Hidden" in the geometry section of the tool area. Then I re-save out the OBJ and I am good to go. I was also playing with claypolish in the geometry section. This gets rid of the surface noise, if you make a layer first and then do the clayPolish then you can dial back the polish by lowering the opacity of your 3D layer.

Very cool tool that you all have made. I want to do a full body in one shot. For now I will scan volumes and then splice the models together in ZBrush or Maya and use them as 3D templates.

Is there a way to get a color map on the model during scan time? If there is I'm not clear on how to do that yet.

Raw Scan

With ClayPolish

Very cool technology.


Nate Storm said...

If you've got a camera you may want to try using this: (made by autodesk)

Joseph Drust has a tutorial on the zbrush forums that takes you through the process of capturing something, retopo, and reprojecting a model. It works amazing and you get great results, including texture.

Behold 3D said...

also if you use meshlab you should be able to align and merge the different views

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Martin Ankerl said...

the next release of ReconstructMe will have automatic volume stitching. You just press a button to start a new volume, and they will be automatically aligned.