Thursday, September 29, 2011

DynaAngler ZBrush 4R2 (FREE)

In response to the latest release of ZBrush 4R2 I am making available my first mini project since I downloaded the latest rev.


I really love the new Dynamesh. This really is a game changer. What an awesome tool that we now have as digital sculptors to create things out of thin air purely from our imaginations. I have really been waiting for the day that digital sculpting had many of the easy shape creation and manipulation qualities that we have in the real world. Dynamesh is one step closer to that reality.

For this creature I created I started off with a sphere and used the snake hook brush to pull out some arm like shapes, then I quickly changed the mesh over to Dynamesh and used a combination of claytubes brush, damn_standard brush and two custom insertBrushes that I created.

I also wanted to learn a little bit about the new waxshader and how to blend materials together using either the double or triple materials.

I added this model and these shaders to my free start up project to produce the BPR renders.

If you don't have the latest version of ZBrush and you want to check out the models, I have included the body and the eyes as OBJ files so you can load the models into any 3D application.

I also included the two custom (sucker and a tooth) insertBrushes that I created for the project as well.

This is just my small way of saying thanks to the Pixologic crew for all their hard work, dedication and love for us digital artist! You guys rock!!!


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