Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying out the new Painter 12 (On The Undead)

I'm trying out the new Painter 12. I must say that I really dig the new updates. The interface is a lot easier to understand for me and it looks a lot better than it did in the past. (I do wish they would give the community the ability to skin the interface.)

There are still things that I wish for but when it comes to natural media brushes you can't beat it. I was hoping that Photoshop CS5 would give Painter a run for its money (I should say a run for my money)but Painter wins out in this department hands down.

Here is the first piece that I made in Painter 12. I used the Smeary Round Oil brush and the Round Camel Hair. I'm still trying to find all the right settings that work well for me but it sure is fun to paint and feel like the paint is moving with your brush stroke.

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