Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spartan Soldier

Here is something that I am working on for a new side project. Using my Human Male Model as a base.

I need to make an attachment holder for the sword to tie it to the body. Need to set up UV's and pull everything into ZBrush to start sculpting.

This is in Maya's viewport rendered in real-time with "high quality" rendering.

Update as of 3/13/09 (ZBrush Sculpt Update)

Update as of 3/18/09 (Maya Mental Ray Render)

Update as of 4/15/09 (ZBrush Body Changes)

Update as of 4/15/09 (ZBrush head for Body Changes)


jason said...

I like the asymmetrical features. Having just a bit of asymmetry really adds life to a character.


Anonymous said...

So how do I get one?

Anonymous said...

make this a tutorial & then you have a new customer