Friday, September 26, 2008

Volumetric Light Rendered In Maya

For the illustration I had to create a volumetric rendered light in Maya, this was rendered in Mental Ray. The set up for this was a bit involved, and I was having a hard time finding a tutorial on this. Since I was able to find some info on this and get the job done I decided to make a how to video on how to set this up. I hope this will help someone out. :)



Darrin said...

Hey, recently I sent a message to Ryan K, about doing a video on sculpting 3D cartoon, caricature, stylized characters, and I thought to myself that I would send you this topic idea as well.. Reason being because I have a hard time sculpting characters like these and I would like to since I'm really into those kinds of characters...

and since you are really good @ teaching zbrush (just as Ryan is) I thought I'd would ask if you could do something on that subject matter???? its a subject that really noone has really touched on...and I thought it would be great for individuals wanting to get into cartoon sculpting. So I provided some images below that I think represent what I mean..

It would be sooooooo great!!! i wonder what brushes you would use to get the sharp edges and the stylized proportions...anyway... just a thought

Thanks for all of the teaching you have provided in the past. really good stuff

Well Later
selahpoetic (from zbrush central)

3dZbrush-obbi said...

Great new Works! Good progress on the latest update

rachid said...

I've to mention that when you activate photon in spotlight you must add:
parti_volume_photon to store photon and plug it to Phot Volume Shader in Shading Group/ Custom Shader
you must activate Gi on Mental Ray Renderer
and if you have only one light in the scene you don't need to connect it to the shader parti_volume and if you do the connection is made by connecting the lightShape and not the light itself
for the shadow I prefer ray trace Shadow with segment mode
so this is just some comment by the way nice tutorial

Painting Las Vegas said...

I love this series you're doing of the Guatemalan portraits. Wonderful job on this!!