Monday, May 12, 2008

ZBrush Base Head .TZL

Peace - NickZ. :)


m3ng said...

Hey! sweet the whole thing UV'd too?

PS that's too cheap!

NickZ. said...

Yes sir. I forgot to add that. The model has UV's on it already.

Too cheap? We'll see if anyone buys it first! :)

Thanks bud! NickZ.

Maxence said...

thanks dude i will try it asap.

Shaun said...

Hello, i am posting to say a thank you for creating and posting these video tutorials!

I have recently started using Zbrush and it can be tricky to use sometimes - though i am progressing much faster mainly due to your Zsphere tutorial.

To cut it short, Thanks! and keep doing what you're doing :]

Anonymous said...

hello nick,
do the tut cover also sculpting of the basic mesh ?
(basic sculpting of the face ?)
Thanks in advance for the reply

NickZ. said...

If you are talking about the sculpting process in Maya to create the base geometry then no. I am hoping that you can take a look at my model and use that as a good example of how to lay out topology for the face. Beyond that it is a nice head to start creating new pieces of art work with.

max said...

Hi Nick,

I'm learning Zbrush and I'm also new to 3d in genreal.
I bought your tutorial from Gnomonology last week and found it very useful. Good value for money. I got a lot out of it, I now use polygroups to do rapid selections and my enjoyment of Zbrush has gone up tenfolds.
Thanks a lot.

NickZ. said...

Max- thanks for the great feed back! I'm glad this has helped you out! Puts a smile on my face! :)