Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alien Shark Renders

Here are some renders that I created for a ZBrush and Maya project. I sculpted and painted this model inside of ZBrush and then Rendered in Maya.

Here is what the model looks like inside of ZBrush.

Here is what the model looks like rendered inside of Maya using displacement maps.

Here is a final render inside of Maya and comped inside of Photoshop.


NickZ. :O


m3ng said...

I like the colors going on, but the moon/planet behind his head has got to be moved. You could even just removed it, using his head as the 3rd mass in the sky to balance the other 2 moons.

Nice work!

NickZ. said...


Yup think you are right. I will have to see about removing it or moving it. Thanks for the Crit!

Anonymous said...

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