Tuesday, August 9, 2016

3D Printed Character Update 02

Printing and Cleaning/Painting The Parts

So this was a process, printing for all the parts was done on a PLA Extrusion 3D Printer. The head had some problems under the chin area, so I had to re-sculpt that area using Super Sculpey. All the other parts had some support structures on them that I used a demel tool to cut away and excess material and then used a fin grit sand paper to sand away any problem areas.

For the Chest I used a SLA 3D Printer, there were quite a few print failures due to machine problems, in the end I ended up using the best print out of the bunch and ended up re-sculpting the areas that did not print correctly.

After all the parts were re-sculpted, I used a heat gun to spot heat the new areas of clay, I had to be careful not to overheat areas because the heat could start to melt the plastic from the PLA printed parts.

Once all part were prepared, I used an airbrush with grey acrylic paint to paint all the parts a flay grey color with a nice gloss on the paint to pick up some highlights. I then put the character onto a small base and took photographs of the piece.

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All and all I am fairly happy with the results, I do feel like this has given me a good base to work with, there are still some areas that I would like to re-sculpt, but in all honesty, I would really like for all the parts to be printed on the SLA printer (Formlabs) This printed gives you the highest fidelity. The only problem is that we have had so many print failures with the Form 1 and Form 1 +. I am hopeful that most of the printing problems have been fixed with the new FormLabs 2 printer.

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