Saturday, June 4, 2016

High Quality Characters In VR Update 2

I am still working on various aspects of modeling of this character in ZBrush. I have pushed some of the results to Keyshot for a quality check.

Other work has been done in UE4 working with the HTC VIVE. Currently there is some sort of framerate problem with the VIVE and UE4. You can see a thread about the issue here ( From everything I have investigated and what was told to be by an Epic representative is that this is an HTC VIVE problem, it has to do with the way that it's compositor is drawing the onscreen representation of what is going in in the VIVE Onto the computer monitor. It is causing a frame rate of about 45 fps, this isn't good for VR, we need to be around 90 fps.

Other work was made to just get the movement system going for the VIVE. A new VR pawn was created along with a VR game mode. The VR game mode was fed into the world settings area of the map. Within the VR pawn, I added motion controllers and attached VIVE models (created by Valve) and some simple particle systems. I also set up a button system that goes through a series of gates that will update the players position in the level. This is the first steps taken for a teleport system. This way I can have the user go to various key areas on the map to look at various characters that will be set up.

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