Thursday, June 30, 2016

3D Printed Character Update 01

I created this little guy to teach some of my students how to model in Maya, then push those meshes into ZBrush and finish detailing. I created a special version of the model that is 3D print ready and hollowed out the model to get it ready for print.

All parts are prepared and ready to go. I had to use a special feature in dynamesh and negative insert meshes in order to get the shell thickness for the model. In order to do this process just go to a part of the model that you want to punch the hole out of and use B (Brush Menu)>J (Insert Cube) and then hold down the alt key as you draw the cube out. You might want to use transpose master to readjust the cube slightly. Once the negative cube is in place it is time for your to add your shell thickness. Go to the tool menu Tool>Geometry>Dynamesh>Create Shell (You will need to adjust the thickness of the shell using the Thickness slider. I was using a value of 32 for my thickness.) No the only thing left is to decimate the models and scale the appropriately. I was going for a target of around 1 - 1.5 million polys for each printed part. At the size I was printing anything else would be overkill.

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