Monday, October 15, 2012

I recently created a video that will show you how to achieve a rendered look in Maya that is similar to the way that Google Sketchup creates an illustrated/toon render. In the video we will look at a 3 tone toon shader and also how to set up toon outlines.


Anonymous said...


thank you for the tutorial. But I've noticed the rendered lines of the toon outline are pixelated. For the most part it's the inside of the line: where the color of the object touches the line. The "outside" of the line appears smooth.

Another method of using an outline in maya is simply choosing the "maya vector renderer", but then it's harder to control object's colors, since that renderer uses its own flat colors.

Neither method delivers quality that can be used in production.

NickZ. said...

Did you try rendering 2 up and then downresing in Photoshop? Might be worth a try.