Friday, July 27, 2012

Toxic Blue Print ZBrush/Maya Sessions

This video series will take all the lessons and techniques learned in the previous ZBrush session and build on  them with new techniques in modeling and texturing. We will be also learning new techniques in Maya along the way.

To start off with we need a concept to build off of. So in this first video I will do a time-lapse video showing the concepting phase of the process. Everything is being painted in Photoshop digitally for speed and ease of use.


David said...

Hello Nick, amazing blog that you have here, im a huge fan, today i've been here to watch your lessons in vimeo and its saying that you blocked the content in vimeo by embedding here. But dont worry i got to watch by searching your vimeo by google. Thanks!

NickZ. said...

David, thanks for the kind words. I am currently in the process of building out this section and will be adding it to my blog in the future...if you are good at digging you can watch a lot of the material on my Vimeo channel and also in this thread on

Anonymous said...

I dont know how exactly I found this blog but WOW this blog is amazing the work done in this video is phenomenal and inspiring!! I definitely will be following! keep it up.