Thursday, June 24, 2010

Killer Clown (Mason's Concept)

I drew this for my step son last night. Mason likes to draw his own "guys" as he calls them. I wanted to try out a new coloring technique that my buddy Matt Szidlik showed me, so this was a win win situation. Spend some time with the step son and do something fun and work on learning something new all at the same time....oh yeah, having fun was part of the equation as well! Peace-NickZ.


ADAM & WASSIM = GNAWA 3D said...

amazing work
and god blees you for all the useful things that u post
thanks a million

-Jack said...

Love the site. Just going back and reading some older posts and wondering, what was the "new coloring technique"?

Keep it up!

ziiziilah said...

All of your post very helpful. I think, you are inspiring many people.
Thanks for you & your post. :)