Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3RD Eye Blind (FREE ZTool Download)

I finished a little mini project for myself and I thought I would share my work with everyone.

First I was snooping around on the Freedom Of Teach website and I saw there was a “CG Practice Model Download”. I thought it might have been the hi res model that they used to generate their 3D print, but it was just an base mesh with no detail. I’m not sure why but I just stared sculpting on it. ( really didn't need to start anything new at this point.)

At first I was going to do just another organic model but I was rather impressed and inspired by the hard surface modeling that FoOD and Sebcesoir have been generating inside of Zbrush lately. So I gave it a try and here are the results.

I used masks quite a bit. The clay tubes brush worked rather nicely for building up flat surfaces along with the flatten brush and of course the smooth brush to clean up some of my mistakes. I also used the lazy mouse with the standard brush and a custom alpha for generating strait lines.

I found that using some of these custom alphas that I made with the standard brush, with lazy mouse turned on and a lazy step of .01 gave me rather nice results for long smooth thin lines.

I also created a few custom Material Capture shaders for sculpting.

I built a Photoshop file that makes it kinda easy to generate new MatCap shaders. I things on layers to control the over all shading of the material, you can get custom control of a shader if you want to build a MatCapwith this file.

After the model was complete I used Zapplink and Photoshop to build a base color texture. I also wanted to learn more about lighting and baking that to a texture in Maya. So for the color and lit version of the texture I created several passes that separated out the lights, the shadows, Ambient Occlusion (created in XNormal) and then cavity mapping created with ZMapper.

If you would like to download a package with all of this material


This Zipp file contains:

Hi Res Zbrush Model
Color Texture (4096 X 4096)
Color and Lighting Texture (4096 X 4096)
5 Custom MatCap Materials
4 Custom Alphas
Layered Photoshop file with all the lighting and color passes (1024 X 1024)
Layered Photoshop file to help build your own custom MatCap Shader.
Maya 2008 Light Rig Scene

When you load the .ZTL file it will be filled with the color white and have the MatCap Grey material already applied to it. If you would like to apply a different material to the object turn on MRGB, choose the Flat Color shader and go Color>Fill Color. You can now pick any shader you wish to view the model with.

If you load the color texture I provided I suggest using the MatCap Pearl Cavity shader to look at the model.

If you use the color and lit texture that I provided then you will need to apply the Flat Color material with the texture applied to view the model correctly.

You will also need to flip the texture vertically.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Peace-NickZ. :)

I just wanted to post one last pic. I got my 3D print in the mail and I just wanted to say a big thanks to Gabriel from CRYSTALLINE MODELS for making this print possible!

Here is a shot to show off the scale of the final print.


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marena321 said...

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vitos1k said...

Impressive sculpt skills!
i downloaded your models and played some with materials using Blender Cycles render engine.
Check this out:

AMCArtist said...

Fantastic Nickz!!
This is my dream!!

Unknown said...

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and effort. I stumbled upon this site and now will attempt to absorb all this awesome knowledge like a sponge. I would also like to us this for my Texture for Games class. I'd love to email you the results.

NickZ. said...

No problem Michelle. Please do share the results and good luck with everything! :) Peace -NickZ. :)

grave said...

Nick this is so AWESOME and you are so awesome I couldn't believe it was for download.
But however I tried to download it around 6 times and also tried different browsers and all the time the download crashes around at 70MB !! Any idea?

grave said...

Never mind Nick - i got it done :)
ITS WONDERFUL - WOW mann, you are a brilliant sculpter

NickZ. said...

Grave, here is a new link for you. Did you find the reason why you couldn't download the file?

NickZ. said...

Grave, Thanks for motivating me...I finally updated an actual download page on my model shop site (STILL FREE!!) Let someone else know about the model if you find it useful, and thanks for the kind words! :)