Friday, April 24, 2009

NickZ. Fun In The Mud

I was trying out the new demo of Mudbox 2009, loaded up their default head and sculpted this bust. I then baked out an Ambient Occlusion map using their map baking tool. Speed is pretty good for baking out an AO map. They have added a lot of nice things to this version! In the Zip file there is a Mud 2009 file, an OBJ at the highest sub D level in case you want to view the model in another application and the AO map is saved out as a PNG.


Peace-NickZ. :)


Gabriel Olson said...

Awesome man. Nice and smooth, always a fan of your work.

jason said...

Nice blend between realism and characterization. It is also kind of your to share the model.

This work would fit in great on digital sculpture community site.


NickZ. said...

Gabriel, love the name. Thanks for the kind words.

Jason, is that your site? Just some great work on the site! :)

Lee said...

Hi Nick
I have been following your blog for a long time now, love your stuff.
I also appropriate the verses in your signatures.
I was hoping to see more of you sculpting vids... anyways im sure your very busy.