Thursday, August 21, 2008

Human Male Athletic Skinning WIP

I am currently taking my Human Male Athletic Model and adding skinning inside of Maya. Here is a first pass at some of the weighting (makes the character move) on the model.

I think I am going to try to build something special for the neck muscles to work correctly, he has a real rubber neck right now.

Here is an update to the neck weighting.

Here I updated with the addition of a normal map.

Here is an new update to over all weighting.Still very WIP! I added a normal map and rendered in Mentalray



Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,

Any thoughts of you releasing your skinned and weighted HMA model?

Having a mesh of this calibre skinned and weighted correctly freely available for download off the net could change the entire CG/animation industry! Learning how to model and rig with reference to an already well proportioned human model is a lot easier (IMO) than learning on a basic mesh and rig and trying to apply learnt principles to an advanced mesh/rig combo.

NickZ. said...

I'm thinking about it. Could be a little while though. 2 months?

Anonymous said...

Nice work. May I make a suggestion for testing animated poses... Select a library of 20 or so poses then run your character through them, it will provide you with better results than some of the overly extreme poses you've tested with. If your using any tools that are based on MotionBuilder tech, then this should be pretty simple and fast. I believe I understand why you did these extremes, but it really doesn't help you understand if you got the natural poses right. The final pose, relaxed, looking up is good and things look right, so that's one... ;)

Anonymous said...

hey, i would really love to download this amazing model/ztool. but when i was extracting it said it had 3 errors and file was currupt, i dont suppose you could help me out here and maybe reload your model or some hoe send me a freash version. could much apreciate it thank you.

my email just in case is :

Anonymous said...

Just amazing brother.. You have definitely been given great gifts.

wow, what a blessing. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,

I read above in the posted comments you were contemplating releasing the skinned and weighted model? Did you end up doing that? I can't seem to find the download?I use 3ds max's biped system for rigging and am in the process of learning rigging in maya and would like to get a copy of the maya file (if you released it) to have a browse and see what I can learn.

P.S. I really admire your work.

God bless,


NickZ. said...


freely ye have received, freely give. - Matthew 10:8

And that I will do. This is a very rough job on this but I''m not getting any younger and this file might help someone out. It is the least I can do!

Try to download the file here:

St3vie_B said...


Firstly, thankyou for sharing :)

But I tried downloading the file from the link you provided, but was unable to. All I see is a grey screen with the beta logo in the centre? Would it be possible to upload the file to an alternative site?


St3vie_B said...

Oops! Actually scrap that last message Nick, I now have the file :) The initial screen just took a while to load.

Thankyou very much for your generosity. I'm sure I will learn lots from this file. Should anyone need my assistance after I learn I will be sure to pass on my knowledge. Got to share the love!


NickZ. said...

A little note about the file. It is Maya 2008 file. Just skinned, there is no rig at this time so you have to move the bones. There is an animation in the file to stress test the model and assist you when painting weights. There is also a normal map and a shader that works in the real time high quality mode. Hit the number 6 to show textures. And you should be able to render using Mental Ray. There is an infinity wall that I modeled in the scene, this can be turned on and off via a layer.

Hope this helps. - NickZ. :)