Monday, December 21, 2020

Human Male Athletic Final Model (Free Download!!!)


Anbarasu said...
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Abdel said...

God Bless man .. Your art shows talent and what best way to use it than for the spread His Word. Great work. I hope to get as good as you are one day :)

Tomas said...

Thank you for the gracious gifts, the model and the sharing of a great message from the lord.

Anonymous said...

"Only one Life T'will soon be past, Only what is done for Christ will last."

Thank you for doing your 3D work for Christ, and pointing all the Glory and Praise to Jesus Christ. Never stop.

All for Christ. All for Revival,

Rafael said...

THank you very much Nick, for the model and for the message! ;D

Anonymous said...

I suppose I'm the only one here even slightly bothered by the attachment of "the message" to this post.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against religion or faith. For a great many people, I feel that it can greatly enhance one's own feeling about oneself, furthering their sense of self worth. My own immediate family is quite diverse, with several our members being of different faiths.

And, although I have personally chosen to be an atheist, I totally, 100% respect a person's right to worship as they see fit. I understand its immense personal importance. Heck,I was raised a strict Catholic for much of my youth. I was even a choir boy.

I applaud Nick for giving back to the community. Knowledge should never be horded. Its meant to be shared. Good for him. To take a hard earned labor of love and to give it away so freely take courage and faith. It's courageous to just give it away. It takes faith to believe the community will use it and learn from it.

The only reason why I'm bothered by "the message" is that I simply feel that the two issues should be separated.

Not to offend, but its almost like being asked to watch a presentation for time shares when in exchange for that free spa weekend. Granted, the issues aren't the same, but some basic comparison can be drawn.

Not everyone in this world is Christian, which is okay because diversity is good. It's what makes this world interesting.

However, faith is so very personal. I don't want to impose my beliefs, or lack thereof, on you. You don't need me to impose mine on you.

What matters most is that most is that we, as individuals, are kind, respectful, and generous to our neighbors. Christian. Jew. Hindu. Buddhist. Wiccan. Atheist. Muslim. As long as you are a good and kind person then it the existence a "message" would seem very trivial.

I'm glad that Nick has God. I just don't think that we need to hear a "sales pitch" when Nick himself is already leading by example. He's showing us, by action, how to be generous.

I wouldn't necessarily say that the message is inappropriate. I will say that the notion of passing along the word and as a condition of getting a free ZTool is a bit misplaced.

Yeah, we could just download it, but who among us didn't read the text? =)

Regardless, be good people & live good lives. That's the most important message. Whatever your faith, as long as you do no harm and are good to your neighbor then your bases are covered.

NickZ. said...

Rob, the message is just like the model, free for you to use or not to use. It is up to you, I urge you to try and come to know the Lord, not as a sales pitch but as someone that loves you and cares about you. You are not going to find this in a Church, it has to be a relationship that you start with your creator. As an artist you should know that it is VERY difficult something that is beautiful, functional and intelligent. Yet these things are all around us all over the vast expanse of the Universe, this did not happen by chance, This would be the equivalent of me throwing paint at a canvas my entire life and ending up with a piece of work that rivals Micheal Angelo. Even if all this did happen by a random event, the big bang, matter, time and space can not be created or destroyed. Our Universe has a beginning and in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. Without that beginning there is no beginning because something can not be created out of nothing.

Peace be with you brother,

NickZ. :)

NickZ. said...

Sorry missed this in this sentence "As an artist you should know that it is VERY difficult to create something that is beautiful, functional and intelligent.

Anbarasu said...
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NickZ. said...

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Get a tablet! It will change your world! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the creative process is extremely difficult. That is why I'm sure that there are many people here who are thankful for your contribution to this community. I certainly appreciate what you're saying, Nick.

While I also appreciate your well thought out words regarding faith, my personal view remains unchanged.

Faith is extremely personal. That you found the Lord is good for you. That works for you. There is nothing wrong with that. It keeps you anchored and guides you along a strong moral path.

Please don't think that my becoming an atheist was a whimsical decision. It wasn't. I struggled with faith all throughout my early teens. As I came to know more about the world religions I began to feel as if what mattered most is that we lived good lives.

TO ME, faith doesn't explain the beauty of a tree or the smile in a baby. It just doesn't. I don't reject God because I'm angry or evil. I simply feel that the idea of a higher power doesn't work for me. I'm very much a man of science. While I feel that science and faith can happily co-exist, I don't feel that one needs the other. TO ME, God doesn't explain the beauties of the universe. It's just another "because."

I can't believe in God because, for me, it is a concept that is illogical. Simply put, I outgrew my need to have a higher power there as my catch-all explanation for the whys and the whats of everything in existence. TO ME, that's like a kid saying "because" as an answer to every one of your questions. Similarly, making God the answer to every one of my questions merely opens up the door to countless more answerless questions.

As far as religion goes, I feel that even if I did have faith I could never be part of a religion. Religion is a massive self-perpetuating business machine. In some cases, depending on the religion, it can also happily distort the core, loving message behind a personal faith. Faith can be a very beautiful thing. Religion can be just as ugly.

I'm sorry if I sound crude and unsavory. That was not my intent. I only wish to explain to you why I feel that your message is almost unnecessary here.

You're doing good work. You're contributing. You're leading by example. As Christian, you should know how important that is, right?

As far as I go, I'm 34 years old. I've been an atheist for the past 18 years. I've never stolen, raped, killed, or otherwise broken any laws. I try very hard not to lie. I always respect my parents and love them truly. I'm kind and helpful to my neighbors. I freely give of myself and my time by contributing my services to a large CG community. I'm a good uncle, brother, son, and friend.

All in all, I'm a good person. Is there any need for me to be converted? Does not believing in God or a higher power take away from all of the good things that I do and the goodness I try to be? I hope not. If so, I'm screwed. =)

Seriously though, as I said, my household is pretty diverse. I'm an atheist. My sister is a Wiccan. My aunt is a Taoist. My parents and younger brother are Catholics. Heck, my Mom even teaches Sunday school at church. She understands that I have to be me. She has always encouraged me to find the goodness in myself and in others. We butt heads every now and then over this topic, but we ultimately respect the opinions of one another. She knows that I'm a good person, with or without God.

In the end, your answer is as good as mine. For all we know, you could be wrong, I could be wrong, or we both could be wrong. We all have to do what feels right for us. For you, religion is your path toward being a kind and good person. For me, I walk the path alone. I'm still kind and good, but without God.

Do you want to be a good Christian? Keep doing what your doing. Give back to your community. Pass your hard earned knowledge down to others in need. Ultimately, things have a way of coming around. Call it Karma. Call it divine fulfillment. Whatever. Either way, we get what we put in.

Again, what you're doing is good, both as an artist and a member of the CG community. Keep doing that. THAT is what this community needs most. People will find their path to goodness on their own.

NickZ. said...


I appreciate your comments and your thoughts. I'm glad that we can have this dialogue like this.

The reason that I have to tell people the truth is simple, there may be people that have not been exposed to the truth, there may be people that have not been exposed to the Lord and his son Jesus Christ.

There may be those that do not know that our God isn't a God that created us and this Universe and then just walked away and left us to figure things out for our selves.

I can understand why you have a problem with most organized religions because I have the same problem myself.

There are many that say they come in the Lords name but in actuality there are wolves in sheep's clothing. Matthew 7:15-17

Jesus said you will know them by their works. (fruits) Not by the movement of their lips.

There are many that have recently come in the supposed name of the Lord. Does "God told me to strike at al Qaeda and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam [Hussein], which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them." ring a bell?

I think if most people read the teachings of Jesus they would be pleasantly surprised to find out what a Christin is suppose to do and say in this world is vastly different than what that judgmental "Christian" down the road says and does.

Ask your self this, how many Christians do you know that know these words from Jesus and apply them to their life?

"But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

Here are the two most important things that we as Christians should be doing. In the words of Jesus.

"Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

These two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Ask yourself, do you not believe in what the established religions of the world teach us or do you not believe in what the teachings of Jesus are?

Again, your salvation is up to you and only you, the only thing you need to do is start a relationship with the one that created you, that is all he asks. If you come to know him as I have then you will want to start living your life for him.

If you do not try to have a relationship with the Father while you are here on this plant then when you meet him in the after life (funny, the eternal life is the real life and this wold is but a blink of the eye.) and you wanted to have nothing to do with your creator then that is how your relationship will be for the rest of eternity. (Know this, this is not a punishment, it is a choice and it is your choice to make. Those who wish to be separated from the Lord are making this choice, not God. We ALL have free will, even the angels.)

Quit only trusting in science, science can not explain everything, in fact the more we learn the more we learn of what we don't know. Beside, just because we can learn how a clock works doesn't mean that we could build one ourselves. We think we are learning how to become God ourselves but in fact we are only ripping off the creator and then giving him no credit for what he himself has created.

Until we can create, destroy and control time, matter and space we are nothing. NOTHING. We are only borrowing (stealing in fact, the glory from our father.)

Tell me this, about science. Let's say there is an asteroid that is heading for Earth. This is an mass extinction event asteroid, we have one year to either get off this planet or destroy the asteroid, will science save us. Will the human race finally take a time out from killing one another and instead start working together to save the human race? I tell you I have a lot of faith but I have about zero faith in man all by himself. We are fallen, and the longer that we are on this planet, and the longer we push our rules for what is acceptable the further we slip into chaos.

Have some children, see if you can let them roam the neighborhood like we were able to do when we were children. You can't do it, the world is a changed place. (And not for the better.) Heck, we can't even carry on water onto a plane these days. I think that if you take a good hard look at the world today and look at all the "great things" that man has made, the world is not a better place to live.

It is funny, the more technologically advanced we become, the further apart we grow as a people. How many times have you seen a group of teenagers, even adults for that matter, walk down the street as a group and no one in the group is actually speaking to their friends because they are either talking on their phone, sending a text or messing with their ipod.

Well, thanks for listening (I hope) to my long winded response. I don't know if anyone has ever straight up told you this or not so I will make sure that I do. There is a God that created all that we see and all that we do not see, he does care for your, he does love you, and he does want a relationship with you. He does not want your money, but he does want your time and he does want your love. He did give us all a chance to know him and what he expects from us (we will always fall but we must pick ourselves up, realize when we stumble, as to be forgiven for straying away from the truth and we will be forgiven and cleansed.)
God loved us so much that he sent his son, Jesus Christ to come to this earth, take on sin, all sin and die for everyone so that we may have life. (eternal life, the real life that matters.)
It is my hope and my prayer that you could come to know this truth the way that I have. If you do not then I still have respect for you and I will still love you as a brother. Just know when a Christian try's to tell you this, he doesn't tell you to make you mad or offend you, he tells you because he/she cares about you. This is what we are called to do, if they do not come to you with the truth then they are not doing their job a follower of Christ.

Peace my brother,

NickZ. :)

Anonymous said...

Nick, would you reset your download? I'd like to learn what I can from you.

Rob C.

Anonymous said...


Rob C.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the model Nick.

Bought the head tutorial a while back.

Looks like the main download for HMA final is still broken, it's an 11mb file, fails crc check, etc.


Anonymous said...

hey, i would really love to download this amazing model/ztool. but when i was extracting it said it had 3 errors and file was currupt, i dont suppose you could help me out here and maybe reload your model or some hoe send me a freash version. could much apreciate it thank you.

my email just in case is :

Unknown said...

many thanks Nick, you blog is something, that i will follow now, great job and thanks for sharing with us your knowledge...wish you luck, thanks again..

Anonymous said...

Hi there Nick! :]

I just started learning ZBrush 3.1
And fortunate for me i found your model which is for free download at the ZBrush Central. I was shocked, model of this kind of quality and for FREE. :] But the link there is broken. So i found out about your blog here and downloaded file from here. I unziped it and opened as instructed.

I don't know how to thank you for this contribution. For me this is a great material to learn from and to experiment with.

I have only one question... it seems there is a problem with Material / MatCap changes, because there is no way i could change this silverlike material to anything else. Is there a solution for this?

And again, BIG thank you for this model. :)
Take care,

Anonymous said...


And there is one more thing.
When i switch to SubDivison level 1 to see a differente pose ot your model, there are no such layer as you described.
Perhaps i am doing something wrong. Could you please be so kind and explain? :]

NickZ. said...

To fill with a new material, choose the material that you wish to have on your model, make sure that M is on (this is next to M, RGB, and MRGB that is close to the Zadd and Zsub buttons.) then go color>fillObject.

Now you should have a new material on the entire object. if you wish you could just turn on the M button and use a standard brush to paint the material onto your object. This is how you get multiple materials on your object.

As for the blendshapes, make sure that you are at the lowest subdivision level (keep hitting shift = D until you are at the lowest sub d level.)

Now look in the Layers section of the tool palette, there should be two layers, one is mouth Open L1 and the other is arms-lower-L1.

One opens the mouth and the other lowers the arms.

Turn the layers on and off using the eye icon for the layer.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Nick.
Thank you so much for helping me out! :]
Problem with materials is now solved, but there still is something wrong with layers. I did exactly as you instructed but they still arn't showing up.

I hope i am not bothering you too much like this :]
Thank you.

NickZ. said...

Armand, the only thing that I can think of is that you have selected a blendshape on a higher subdivision level. If you have a layer that is created on a higher subdivision level and you have it active/selected then drop to a lower subdivision level then you will not be able to use the layers that are on the lower subdivision levels. You can only have one layer selected at one time.

Take a look a this video I created on layers:

The video is "Working With 3D Layers."

Anonymous said...

this poor man has no genitals!
come on we are all grownups...

Anonymous said...

and just to relate it to some of whats going on here, we are all made in gods image are we not? so why be ashamed?

NickZ. said...

That isn't the point of this model. It is a generic model/topology that can be used to make a female model as well. The best way to add the man bits is to make it a separate model, if any anyone is up for the task...have at it. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for this model as well as for all your tuts. Please send me an email cause I'd like to ask you something important. My email address;

Thanks a lot,

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick~!

Im so eager to get this file working, but for some reason its corrupt? Is it possible for you to send the file to me at I really would like to get to work with your model!~


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
great work! id really like to play around with this model but it seems the file is corrupt?
the download is only a 11mb file but when you open it, it says the Ztool file is 77mb.

The errors returned are "CRC failed in ... the file is corrupt" and "unexpected end of archive"
Is there another place when we can download this file?
I can be reached at
god bless!

NickZ. said...

I have relinked the Ztool to I hope that this fixes any problems that people are having with the download. The old file was linked to the Pixologic site, and somehow the file became corrupted. Please let me know if this method gets you the file you are looking for!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,
justwanted too say thank you for showing us rookies how it's done, you put alot of work on your web site for us to learn, and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am, keep up the fantastic work!
Your Fan & Student
Lou Mareno

Ink Maverick Studio said...

I am in the illustration line but I dabble in 3d once in a while. I'll post some models on zbrush central soon and ofcourse I will give you full credit for the mesh. I'll be using your mesh more for doing more concept sculpts. Its really cool to work with.

Thanks so much for everything you have shared Nick. You are truly a selfless person and I'm really glad you area active in the community, both as an artist and a person that is so giving. I wish there were more people like you around.

NickZ. said...

freely ye have received, freely give. - Matthew 10:8

And that I will do. This is a very rough skinned version of the file (Maya 2008)

Try to download the file here:

(Copy and paste this into your address bar.)

Jason Kane said...

The visible anatomy makes a good study piece for anatomical reference.


WPJ said...

I saw the 3RD Eye Blind thread on ZBcentral. Your blog is very inspiring and informative (and made of WIN!) I shall put this model to good use and be sure give credit when I do.

Also thanks for the links...I didn't even know linking xbox360 controller to Maya was possible!:o

in reference to previous comments:
"the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off" and may even freak out LOLs

Heres to ZBrush 4! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi man!
I found you in internet, and i was sorpresed when a read the message of Jesus that you put there. I am really happy to meet about you, and it make me more happy because you and me are brothers in Jesus. Sorry because my english is very bad, I am argentinian and i have 21 years old, i like so mutch your works. continue like you are doing, im sure that you are for the right way!
The best wishes from a brother from Argentina.
Blessings for you and your family.
I would like contact you.
Its really reconfortable to know that God have sons like you are.
Did you understand some word of my english? sorry for that.
(in spanish)

Un abrazo grande
Y ojala poder contactarnos
Es realmente reconfortante tener un hermano que hace algo tan bueno! y de tanta calidad.
Yo estoy aprendiendo 3d studio max.
Vivo en Villa Mercedes San Luis.
Muchos cariños y bendiciones.
Realmente una alegria encontrarte en la web!
Sigue asi!
Que el señor te bendiga!
and see U in the heaven!

Unknown said...

broth i forget...
Watch my 3d short animated. is very simple but this is my first work.
I want to know what do you thing about that!


thank you!

NickZ. said...

Dany, thank you for all the kind words! I can understand you just fine. It makes me happy to know that I am helping people out. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Peace be with you and your family. ;)

Unknown said...

jajaja, dont worry!, thanks to you!
You too put a smile on my face!
I want to know more about you! and your work,
I wish a contact like you in other part of the world.
Did you see my short? What do you think about that?
Now, you try to say some words in spanish! :)
Un abrazo Nick!
Peace for you too!

Liebarg said...

good show.

Anonymous said...

In the current state of this world, it is admirable to find someone dedicated to a higher purpose.

This is an excellent model I will use to study anatomy, I thank you for it.

One question: What is going on with the date of this post? Does it carry a subliminal message?

Edgar Jardim said...

Thanks for the message, your model and all the tutorials on this site it really helps me a lot i wish I could be just as good as you, you are an inspiration to me like a person an like an artist.

I saw your post third eye blind man on zebrushcntral it really is totally fantastic, rocks my world.
thank you

Andrew McDonald said...

Hey Nick
Amazing work and thanks for sharing with everyone! There are some beautiful details in this sculpt.

Ben said...

Thanks man. This is really cool of you to let people download quality work like this for free. I'm doing a game design degree and you don't know how much it means to me to be able to play with some well modeled characters to improve my own modelling rather than looking at just screenshots.

Keep up the fantastic work, whatever the inspiration.

Lou said...

LOL @ post dated Friday, December 21, 2012!

Do we become one with the MWG? This is the most probable reason why the Mayan longcount calendar stops and goes no further. ATM we’re part of the Sagittarius B Dwarf Galaxy, that is being towed along by the MWG. 21/12/12 is the rough date we supposedly merge and truly become part of the Milkyway galaxy. The changes that will be made to astronomy in this merger, would of made it impossible for the Mayans to continue the LCC past this point.


Will we finally have full ET/UFO Disclosure? With the massive increase in UFO sightings over last couple of years, the Vatican's announcement of the change in their views regarding ET life, the discovery of water on the Moon & with NASA to publicly announce the discovery of microbial life in a Martian meteor in the coming days... FULL Disclosure is upon us - One small step at a time!

I'm not at all a religious fellow, but I do believe that every single one of us share one thing in common. And, that is Consciousness. No matter which road you choose go down (religious or spiritual), it will lead us all to the one destination... A Mass Awakening in Consciousness! When this happens we will all become Enlightened - all the boundaries that has held humanity back will fall and we will be reunited with celestial brethren, then nothing will be impossible... IMO that is what 21/12/12 will be. Doubt it if you will, but your inner spirit will guide you to this time and space regardless.

Seriously, thanks for sharing such great tutorials though.



Shoran said...

Hi! Great job, and great attch msg.

I'm having some problems to low the arms. I'm under the 3.5R version, i can't get it to subdivision 1. Can you help me pls?

Anonymous said...

Mind boggling....quick question. I am a newbie in Zbrush and tride to "import" you luck. Could you give me the process for getting onto zbrush?

Anonymous said...

Was gonna say thanks for the model but reading the conversionist message I will live without and give you the middle finger.

unique FONT said...

wonderful ^^!

Anonymous said...

This a great reference to look at while I sculpt my own. Thanks for this Nick.

Have a female character by chance? ;-)

Unknown said...

I have just downloaded the model.
I have made a donation because your blog is great.
Thank you and keep up the good work!

PhillyChief said...

First off, this is very generous of you and I'll, at some point, examine this model. Hopefully it and your videos will be helpful to struggling artists.

I have to echo Rob's earlier comment, though. Regardless of what one's view is on a topic other than modeling and sculpting, the bottom line is it's a topic other than modeling and sculpting. As such, I don't see the point in mentioning, let alone soliciting things unrelated to sculpting and modeling. His timeshare analogy was quite apropos.

One of the things which is VERY important as an artist is to be able to truly see things, which means seeing from different perspectives. For instance, the Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain series is great at forcing one to overcome what the image of reality they've formed in their head and start seeing the actual reality in front of them. I've had a lot of experience with religious believers, and one commonality is a blindness to reality.

Now I have no interest in getting into a debate about the alleged truth of any religion. My point is to open your eyes at least to how others think, and thus, what your "gift" of proselytizing is seen as by non-believers. It comes off as a timeshare ad, and tacking it onto a gift, in a way, makes it no longer a gift. You're essentially charging me the price of having to listen to a sales pitch.

I know what you see it as and how you feel about it. What I want you to at least consider is what others see it as and how they feel about it, and at least acknowledge that such a difference exists. That's the foundation of empathy, which is essentially the foundation of morality and what is the true cancer at the root of those social ills you listed earlier.

Have a nice day, and thanks again for the model.

Matt B. said...

Nick, you rock.
I am slowly breaking free of the chains and gravitational restraints of engineering drafting and design to follow my passion of pure, unrestrained creation and expression. I have followed the ZBrush community longingly for a few years, and have finally purchased a copy.
Thank you very much for what you contribute to the community. I am inspired by your enthusiasm and your attitude to just go and do what your passion is. Also, thank you for the access to this model. I promise it will go to good use as a training/learning tool.

God Speed


MADADOGS said...

Thank You. May Elohim leads you.

Cam Sykes said...

Amen Brother!

1 Corinthians 10:31!!!

ARTzuza said...

hi brother,
i am a christian man, and i am impressed with your talent and your way for to tell the world about god! i also went show God's love throught my art.

One question, where can i get the 3d model? ( i can´t see it for download and study more anatomy)

thanks for all bro.
Johan Arzuza,

real estate software for brokers said...

It's really good written and I fully agree with You on main issue, btw. I must say that I really enjoyed reading all of Your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

I am having trouble loading the ZTL tool files in Zbrush4. IS there a way to fix this?

Thanks for sharing this great model.

NickZ. said...

^ Anonymous ^ You will need to load the file into ZB 3.5 then save the file, then load it into ZB 4.0. Don't ask me why but there is some sort of bug for trying to open older ZB files into 4.0

Peace-NickZ. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

I don't have ZB3.5 handy and I am not sure if Zbrush 3.5 trial would limit anything when saved...

Also, when you mentioned "save", is it regular saving it in Zbrush3.5 or export it?

Thanks for your reply. :)

Best Regards,

Obbi said...

Hi nick
May this year bring inspiration and happiness to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

hi nick am Ankit downloaded your male model its grt . thank you for posting it for free

Anonymous said...

Gives error message while trying to load in zbrush 4...
Still I love your site and am looking forward to learn more from you...

Unknown said...

hi nick, great work and thanks for sharing.....i was wondering,it is possible to use this file in autocad?
thanks again...

ruben said...

Pleaase help, I have Zbrush4 and I can´t open it. In fact I can only open zbp files!

NickZ. said...

If you would like to download for Zbrush 4.0 Take a look at this link here:

ruben said...

man have I said that I love you? xD

By the way I´m interested in using your HMA as a model for pencil drawing. I have downloaded zbrush yesterday so I am kind of lost.
Do you know any tutorials that describe how to make it move, walk...?
Sorry for any mistakes in the text, I am from Spain and so I am learning english too!

Bruno said...

Hi Nick,

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your work.



SamuelRutherford said...

Can't import or open in the trial version of Zbrush 4.0
Male Model.ZTL

Looks like none of the import extensions suppport .ZTL

What do I do?

NickZ. said...

@ SamuelRutherford - I just downloaded the file and opened it in issue on my end. I'm not sure what is happening. Don't try to import the model, use the "Load Tool" button.

SamuelRutherford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SamuelRutherford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SamuelRutherford said...

ahh the Load Tool. That worked! Counter intuitive to me. A model wasn't a "Tool" to me, until now. :) Beautiful model BTW. Thank you very much.

Ryan said...

Dude, a Christian, an artist and a guy who loves Trance. A kindred spirit. Hard to believe you exist. I knew there was someone else out there like me.

NickZ. said...

@ Ryan - Ha....yeah...I guess we are a rare breed are we not! That is the awesome thing about God, He makes all kinds so diverse...and yet we can all come to know Him as Father!!! :)

Anonymous said...

"...and yet we can all come to know Him as Father!!"

and if you don't, you'll suffer for eternity.

NickZ. said...

@ Pillychief - God wishes that no one is separated from Him, He has done EVERYTHING minus violating our free will in order that we not be separated from Him. He loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus to come and die for us all. So that this relationship can be restored. Sin is a heavy thing, and to cure sin a heavy price was paid on our behalf. Now we all have a choice, we can either accept this gift or we can reject it. We can all choose to be with God in this life or we can choose to reject Him. If we choose Him in this life then we have chosen Him for all eternity, but if we reject Him in this life then we reject Him for all eternity. Now here is where the suffering comes into play, God doesn't send us to a place of suffering, He allows US to choose it. If you choose to not be with God then you have exercised you free will to be cut off from Him and separate yourself from Him for all eternity. The suffering comes from the fact that ALL good things come from God, even down to the simple things like a drink of water or air in your lungs that give nourishment to our bodies. With out God there is NOTHING good, that is why it is suffering, because there is nothing good there, there is nothing that satisfies, there is nothing that calms or lifts up there, there is only the realization that you have separated yourself from all things good. See you are coming from a place that you see God as the evil judge that condemns us to hell, but in truth He is a loving Father that respects His children, even when they spit in His face and reject Him and all the good things He has given them. He even respects you and your decision not to love Him and be with Him, He doesn't wish it but He will not violate it. If He did anything else, then what we would have wouldn't be true love, it would be more like we are God's robot army that are programmed to love Him. That isn't true love and that isn't true life. True love is knowing that God created you, that He loves you, that He came to live as a man to show us that He understands the condition of the world, that He understands our suffering, our pain, our hurt and our disappointments, and He came to overcome them ALL. He came to die for us so that we may TRULY live. A good parent tells his child not to put his hand in the stove because it can burn and scar that child for all his/her life. That parent knows what is best for us and only wants what is best for us, the parent doesn't want to control the child, the parent wishes to protect the child. But if the child rejects the parents teaching and advise and still touches the stove, they will have to live with the consequences of their actions. It is the same with us, we can't blame God in this situation, because when it comes right down to it, we choose to put our hand in the fire. I pray that your heart will be opened to receive the Love that God is pouring out into your life, even right now as you read this. The Love of God changes EVERYTHING! I have seen it myself for the last 3 days...and it is an amazing thing to witness. Peace-NickZ.

Anonymous said...

Your god character is a tyrant. He's got rules and you're free to follow them or not, but if you don't you'll suffer eternally. Hardly free will, but I digress.

As far as all good things come from your god, are they good because he says they are, or inherently good. If the former, then we're back to a tyrant. If the latter, then your god is simply a messenger.

All evil comes from your god as well. The god character says so itself in Isaiah.

The love of anyone or anything changes people. I've seen it myself. No gods required. ;)

NickZ. said...

Phillychief - "your god character" implies that god is not real. Is that your position? Do you believe in God? If not then why even bother with people like me? If you think I am delusional, then why even spend time with me? What do you get out of the exercise? I have put everything on the line to tell people the truth and I will gladly do it again, my full name is Nick Zuccarello, I live in Orlando Florida and have 3 Children at home. My wife and I have a mixed family, I have two step sons and me and My wife have a daughter together. I also have a daughter from a previous relationship that lives with here mother and step father in Missouri. You see, I believe/and have seen God with my own eyes, and now I must testify to His grace, love and compassion. So much so that I will not hide behind a computer screen to protect my identity anymore, because my true identity resides withing Jesus Christ. For me it's not a matter of who I am but rather WHO'S I am. Now you know who I am, are you willing to tell me and the rest of the world who you are to tell us the truth that you believe in so much? :)

You seem angry with God, but are you sure you are angry with God? Or are you angry with God because one that claims to follow Him was mean and cruel and hurtful to you? If this is the case then let me say "I am sorry" "I am sorry that you have been wronged, I am sorry that you have been hurt, but most of all I am sorry that Christ has been misrepresented to you." I'm sorry if someone who is the Christian like I used to be (condemning and judgmental)is what you encountered as a true follower of God. What I should have been showing you was love, this is what the Tyrant God COMMANDS us to to. "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another. Even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:34-35 If someone claimed to be a follower of Christ and did not follow His commandments, are they really His at all? No.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was about cg, not a g-o-d. I came for the former, but as long as I'm here and you're going to proselytize, then I'll respond to that as well. Does that answer your 3rd question? The answer to the 1st and 2nd is I'm an atheist.

To answer your 4th (and I suppose 5th) question, I'm not angry with your god character (although he is a contemptible character, like Voldemort). I do find faith an often times dangerous indulgence, and I'm angry with what happens as a result of that indulgence, much the same way one would be angry with the ramifications of alcohol indulgence such as drunk driving.

Btw, the Tyrant God COMMANDS some fascinating things like killing unbelievers, practitioners of magic, homosexuals, and even unruly children (via stoning, he's very specific on that one). Of course if you'd rather ignore the OT and stick with the NT, the Jesus character says some interesting things like forbidding divorce, claiming the breaking of any of those OT commandments will put you among the least in Heaven (but hey, that's better than going to Hell I guess), establishes thoughts as potential crimes, discourages cooperation with non-believers, and of course there's that spin on the Golden Rule which unfortunately removes empathy from the equation.

But seriously, all this talk about religion is off-topic, isn't it? Shouldn't we be focusing on cg?

NickZ. said...

Philly - You may believe that you came here for cg but you actions and words tell a different story. You do realize that this is my own personal blog right? You do realize that I do have the freedom to pretty much say and do what ever I wish on my site/blog. "Shouldn't we be focusing on cg." Shall I give you the keys to this blog? Shall I check with every believer and unbeliever before I make a post or express a comment or a sense of gratitude to the one that gave me the talent and treasures that I present here?

See you are wrong about a few things, you thought that this was about CG....but the sole reason I created this site was so that I could share the love of Christ to others. Art (not cg) is the vehicle/mechanism that God has given me to advance His kingdom.

I'm guessing that your intellect is something that you believe that you should be using in order to advance yours. So again.... who are you? Why are you hiding? And what are you doing with the gifts you have been giving? (I know you believe all your talents are a result of your own work, so still I ask, what are you doing for mankind with these skills?)

Faith (taken out of context.) can be a dangerous indulgence, but like wise so can (as you stated) alcohol, drugs, sex, money, pride, envy, lust, you get the picture? So what's the point? Man and all his self indulgences have not keep the world safe, it hasn't brought everyone together, it hasn't brought peace. Has it?

Do you really believe that if everyone in the world thought like you do and acted like you do that this world would be perfect?

Answer me this, if there is no God, and there are no consequences for our actions, then what drives you to love someone? What drives you to treat someone with respect? What keeps you from not stealing when no one is looking? What keeps you wanting to put others before yourself? What keeps you from destroying relationships? What makes you want to forgive someone when they have done wrong to you? What removes hate from your heart?

Again, you came to my blog, and went onto the comment section to let the whole world in our your belief system, this seems really odd for someone that just wants to "focus on cg" Are you yourself not finding it odd that you are now having this conversation about what you claim to be a figment of imagination?

Again, if you would be so bold....who are you? :)

PhillyChief said...

Now I'm disappointed, because I thought this model was actually free, but I see it's just a proselytizing tool. That's too bad.

I don't know why I'm the only one being singled out for using an alias, but Google is your friend, right? I mean, if you would be so bold as to do some research. ;)

NickZ. said...

Philly - I'm happy to disappoint you. You can take the model, no problem. No one is stopping you. If your heart is so hard that you wont even take a free model because the one that made it was told to tell the good news of Jesus Christ...then I really don't have anything to offer you than a model....and that is fine. Your the only one being singled out because right now you are the only person that I am talking to. This is a personal conversation between you and me, the world just happens to be listening in that is all. But like I said, Christ has given me enough strength to not be ashamed of what I believe.

You could have just taken the model and been on down the road with your purely "cg" experience...but you choose to stop on by and say hello. So this is why we converse.

The truth is... you might be looking for a whole lot more than just a free cg model.

That's why we are talking.

I don't need to do any research to tell you this, this is who you are:

You are honored, you are precious, you are a masterpiece, you were in the heart of God before the foundations of the earth. And now you are hurt and wounded by the world, your heart isn't fully open to the love of Christ and the love of others that come in His name to proclaim His truth.

And even though you are angry with God (It is very clear that you are, even if you can not see it, others do.)He still loves you the same, there is nothing you can do that will make Him no longer love you. In fact He has already made His Son pay the price for your sin, mine too.

His gift is jut like mine, free and for all. It's just a matter of the hardness of your heart as to whether you will take the gift or not. I pray that you will take the gift I have offered (you already endured the hard part, coming to the site.) but I pray more that you take the free gift that He offered to you!

Peace-NickZ. :)

Anonymous said...

If you knew who I was, then why did you keep asking? ;)

Seriously though, it's rather rude to keep insisting that I'm angry with your god character. Imagine if I kept ignoring what you were saying and kept asserting "the truth is, you're incredibly delusional" or worse, "the truth is, you're fixated on me because I'm a threat to your personal faith". That would be rude, no? Along that line, your answer to any of my responses have been attempts to attack my character. Again, not so nice.

If you honestly want to discuss any of the earlier topics concerning religion, I can do that with you (although I still think an art blog isn't the right place for that). If instead you just wish to talk at me, including attacking my character, then I'd rather not continue, please.

Have a nice day.

Scott Wilson said...


Great work on the male Zbrush mesh. I was wondering if you had a moment to read this message as I would like to propose something..

Firstly my name is Scott Wilson, I am a technical artist doing a masters at a British university on game development. I'm also a freelance technical artist for a US company called Spiral Games.

For an education project with my university, I'm producing a method for a custom character system which will let the user alter the characters physical features from skin colour, facial features etc.

I would like to know if I could use your mesh for doing this system with as it has great topology and solid anatomy.

Everything will be referenced and it will not be sold in any way.

I look forward to hearing your reply

kind regards..

Scott Wilson

NickZ. said...


You have my full permission!!!! This sounds awesome! Please report back with what you all come up with!!! Thanks! NickZ. :)

Scott Wilson said...

Awesome, many thanks! I was also wondering if you had a diffuse and specular map for this fellow? I've managed to generate a normal map using the highest and lowest sub div level.

ryan said...

Thanks Nick for the model. I saw this new app Michael Defeo release in conjunction with Scott Eaton and hope it helps you in your pursuit for excellence.

SamuelRutherford said...


Do you have your earlier version you made public, called Male_Object with his arms out and in a straight pose?

Anonymous said...

Have a blessed Christmas, Nick!! God bless :)

ClearWater said...

Hi Nick,

I just wanted to say GREAT FAITH!! i am a recent born again christian and i have to say that seeing how you manage to keep so calm and just keep spreading the word of God just inspires me! I personally thank you on behalf of my family and friends for what you are doing and i encourage you to DONT STOP! no matter how hard moments can be God will deliver you.
I feel like i have to say this because the Lord has called onto me to say just how great a message you are sending.
I would love to chat personally with you about the Lord and also learn from you about your amazing art and you incredible faith.

Have a great new years!

NickZ. said...

Clearwater, thanks for the kind words.. but I have to turn the message back to Him. My message is His message. I'm just glad He has allowed me to speak it. I'm truly blessed, I'm just trying to give a little love back to the world. It's like a cup that is overflowing with clear life giving water, I can't contain everything that is being poured into me.... So why not share the overflow? I'm not worried.... I know the source never runs dry!!! Peace my brother! :)

ryanjohnsond said...

Nick, brother. Can I talk to you about getting a pose-able version of your earlier work on this man. He's a thinner version. Do you know the one? I'll recompensate you for your time. I love the piece. Please contact me.

NickZ. said...

ryanjohnsond - Is this what you are looking for

You might have to sign up for an account to download the file. But I'm pretty sure this is what you are looking for. Here is a post I made about the file:

ryanjohnsond said...

Not that one; this one.

I don't own Zbrush and can't fork out $700 (I used up my 30 days a couple months ago).

I'll by happy to pay your rate for you to get him in a T-pose and his neck straight for Maya.

Email me, please, bro. :)

NickZ. said...

ryanjohnsond-I'm not sure where you got that image, but that isn't my least not a version of my model that I put into that pose. Where did you get the image?

Thanks-NickZ. :)

Ryan said...

CG Channel showed that character as an image link to this (your) blog, and I came to your site saw a different model, and then asked where to find it on one of these chats threads on your site, and someone said "here's the link". I think they said, it was an older version. So, it's not yours?

Ryan said...

Oh yes. I lit and rendered it, but that's the pose it came in.

Anonymous said...

Here's another image shot I took in Maya. The file was called Male Model.OBJ.

NickZ. said...

Nope, that is not my model. That model belongs to Rafael Grassetti.

very nice model he provided! I love that guys work! Here is his site: Amazing artist!

Ryan said...

Ok. I found him. Apparently, he belongs to someone else. I was bamboozled. Someone said, click here ,and I thought I was getting one of your earlier versions or something. I clicked on things too quickly sometimes. Sorry bout the confusion, Nick. But I would rather use yours. :)

ryan said...

ooops. Didn't see your post. There's some confusion. CG Channel says, "CG Everything is giving away a high-resolution male model sculpted for Ten24 by Rafael Grassetti." They offered it as public domain on CG Channel, but they're still selling it with a license.

That's confusing. Your'e offer by reading the Gospel, makes it clear you're putting it in the public domain.

Anton said...

Hey Nick,
I appreciate your kindness in giving away a beautiful model like this one. I am currently learning CG at a school (digital sculpting in particular) and look for all kinds of techniques and inspiration. Your model will be a lot of help for my studies. Thank you again.

Sara davison said...

Marvelles. Great job. I really appreciate your work. It is very helpful for 3d art. Keep it up.

Merce said...

Hey Nick,

thanks for that Base Mesh. It helped me a lot on an animation for university.

Loved to work with it!

Merce said...

Hey Nick,

thanks for that Base Mesh. It helped me a lot on an animation for university.

Loved to work with it!

Scott Wilson said...

Hello Nick

Remember last year that I mentioned using your athletic model for a educational project!

The 1st semester is mainly writing but I now have a good amount of practical done which I hope you find interesting..

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

While I find this 3D model absolutely outstanding and I thank you (HONESTLY) a lot for sharing it to everyone.
I can't stand christians that shove in your face the word of God in everything they do... I can imagine you putting the phrase "Thank you GOD!" hidden somewhere in all your 3d models, it's kind of pathologic, seriously, no offence.

NickZ. said...

@Scott Wilson - Very cool work! Thank you for sharing. Keep me posted on future work. Are you making a character creation system in UDK? If so very cool!

NickZ. said...


No offense, but here is something that I don’t think the secular (non believing) world picks up on, your world view is constantly trust upon the Christian. In fact it is relentless and it is day in and day out. You may not prescribe to my world view and I don’t prescribe to the large percentage of the world’s view on what is good, what is moral and what is right and wrong. You probably still do not see what I am saying. Try this, next time you sit in front of a TV for the day see how many sexual references are thrown in your face, see how many adds are shown for various types of drugs (gotta love the Viagra type adds while the children are present, always makes for interesting conversation.) See how many TV shows push homosexuality as the new norm for sexuality in America these days. There are even shows dedicated to outright mocking God (GCB anyone?)

Also, for some reason today it is perfectly acceptable to just curse relentlessly in public (I’m not talking about the little curse words, I’m talking the big bombs.) I have seen this on the street, in every day conversation, and I have seen it show up lately in full force in the work place. All the way from the guy on the floor working all the way up to the CEO of the company. But yet, I must not take offense, I must not say anything. Otherwise that would be “thrusting” my Christianity down someone’s throat. All at the same time no one stops to think that their words or actions might be offending someone else in the room.

But yet you take offense (“I can’t stand Christian’s”) when someone says they love God and want to give Him praise for what they have created? See I’m not trying to glorify myself but rather the one that sent me, the one that gives me sight, the one that formed my hands, the one that taught me how to mold the clay. I owe everything, every breath to the one that created me, so I have to give Him praise, I have to give Him glory because quite simply, I have a King that wore a crown of thorns for me, a King that had nails driven through His hands and feet for me, I have a King that was scourged (flesh ripped from His back) for me, I have a King that hung on a tree for me. All because He loves me. Really, there isn’t anything more valuable that I could share with the world. This model I’m giving away, is nothing more than a filthy rag in comparison to what my God has to offer. He has the same to offer you as well. If you took the time to know Him and what He has done for you, you could understand why “Christians” feel the need to give a shout out to Jesus! Peace! NickZ.

PhillyChief said...

If I may, I think you're comparing apples and oranges, Nick. There's an expectation of what you'll get watching certain shows or certain networks. What's not expected in the context of CGI is Christian proselytizing. Let's create a neutral analogy in hopes of escaping any personal emotions and confirmation bias and look at this objectively.

Imagine if there was a site that was giving free advice on how to do your taxes. Now imagine going there and all that advice is there and it's great, but along with it the author went on about the virtues of being vegan. Weird, right? What's that got to do with taxes or the law?

So there's the basic weirdness of that, then there's the issue of possibly provoking someone. Maybe a member of the RMEA (Red Meat-Eating Americans) goes to the site and gets annoyed. Maybe they exchange heated comments in the section about the Schedule C form. Now we've crossed from just weird to a distraction which others might then find off-putting.

Now what the anonymous person is probably alluding to is the intrusions into others' lives by religion; "blue laws", science education, reproductive rights, equal rights, etc. So now in the context of CG you're not only pushing something unrelated, but something provocative as well. That's gonna cause problems. Furthermore, I'd say that part of this offering of a model is for the sake of self-promotion, right? If you get into arguments with visitors over non-CG stuff, then how is that good self-promotion?

No one's going to fault you for your work or offering models to the community, but these tangential things potentially tarnish that and ultimately have no place in a CG discussion.

NickZ. said...

PhillyChief - Have we not had this discussion before? This is my personal blog? Is it not? Do I really need to poll the Atheistic community before I make a post? Should I ask before I respond to a comment?

I went to your blog, and all I can see is you bashing religion and God....umm where is your contribution to the CG community again? I didn't quite see it there?

Would you care to share a link to some of your work? Please indulge me, I would love to see what you a have given back to the community that you care and love for so much.

Again, I will state as plain as can be, I was inspired by my creator to give this work away for FREE in response to what He has given to me!!! I just choose to make sure I let everyone know where the gift was coming from, not from me.

So if you have a problem with me giving from my heart in response for what Christ has done for me, you don't have a beef with me, you have a beef with God. Take it up with Him. I can' help you with your anger with God.

You are so wrapped up in your hatred for God that you feel the need to go (on multiple occasions) to someone’s personal blog and chastise them for openly sharing their talents and their love for God.

It almost seems from an outsider looking in that you have become so engulfed in your hatred for God that you curse anything good that is done in His name. Why? I'm guessing because if flies in the face of your world view that Christian's are what is wrong with the world today.

I guess when you see someone like me you don't know what to do with me so the only thing you can do is try to silence me.

It is really sad actually, the ones that are crying the loudest saying they are oppressed, that they are being silenced and having their rights taken away have no problem wanting to silence, take away rights and oppress anyone that they themselves do not agree with.

It is in fact hypocrisy at its finest.

Tell you what, post a link to your work, a contribution to the CG community, anything and I will continue our conversations. If not, then I will delete your post. Why you ask? By the looks of your blog, it looks like you are here to do anything but discuss CG related things. We can just part our ways, you can keep openly hating God and I will continue on openly loving Him.

Peace - NickZ. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, not sure if you check this often but I was just wondering what your opinion was on this matter, since you're a professional in the 3d field. Do you think it's absolutely important to go to college to work in the 3d field? i keep hearing people say it's all about skills but other people say companies are only interested in a bachelor's degree. i would definitely like to go to school, but being self taught and not having 30k a year to pay, it makes me less inclined... if you have the time, i'd love to hear what you think. hope you have a Happy Easter and God bless!

florida gator forum said...

4. here, great looking blog. I discovered so many interesting things inside your blog especially its discussion.
From all the remarks in your articles, it appears such as this is often a very popular website. Keep up the truly amazing work.

Scott Wilson said...

Hello again Nick,

I was looking for an email address but I'll just post here instead.

I have a near final demo video I'd love to show you

Tell me what you think!

I'm looking for technical feedback so please please feel free to shout!

Many Thanks Again!

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a small problem,when I load the Athletic Human Male as a tool in ZBrush it shows up all black and If I try to export it as an OBJ it crashes,what could be the cause of this?

Ka'Lim said...

You're Great,Thanks a lot man :)
i ll use it as my references
God Bless You :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with philly 110% but I do appreciate the model, it's really fantastic. To add to the argument though, just because I'm also an outspoken atheist--you keep saying it's your personal blog and you can do what you want. That's correct, but you're also putting your faith out into the public domain, surely you do live in the real world with the rest of us (you have to be a smart dude, you're awesome at what you do) to know that atheism exists and people will probably challenge your beliefs if you put them on the table. Personally, when I saw the whole God/Jesus thing I thought you were kidding at first because it has nothing to do with 3D modeling. So I just wish at the very least in your arguments you wouldn't play the victim because you had to have been well aware that you were stirring the pot. I also find it a little insulting when you respond to people that you do that annoying christian thing of "You must be angry at god, you must be seeking bla bla bla" I can't speak for the others but I'm just sick of delusional philosophies and ideologies that have a long history of being wrong and yet people still believe in them.

NickZ. said...

Anon, thanks for the response! I appreciate it. I do live in the real world and I do expect opposition to my belief/ world view, just as I am sure you do for yours. Perhaps you are not seeing the entire argument in its full context though, someone coming to my blog and telling me to take something down because they do not like what they see is like someone coming to my house and telling me to take down a sign because they do not like the message. Sorry it's my house, I respect you opposition but there will be no removal of the sign. The "angry with God" comment was directed at one particular individual, go read their blog and tell me there isn't an anger with God. There is a difference between an Athiest and a militant Athiest just as there are militant "Christians" you know the kind that pocket dead soldiers funerals with signs that say God hates. Both sides are so caught up in their hate that they no longer can see the truth!

NickZ. said...

Anon, thanks for the response! I appreciate it. I do live in the real world and I do expect opposition to my belief/ world view, just as I am sure you do for yours. Perhaps you are not seeing the entire argument in its full context though, someone coming to my blog and telling me to take something down because they do not like what they see is like someone coming to my house and telling me to take down a sign because they do not like the message. Sorry it's my house, I respect you opposition but there will be no removal of the sign. The "angry with God" comment was directed at one particular individual, go read their blog and tell me there isn't an anger with God. There is a difference between an Athiest and a militant Athiest just as there are militant "Christians" you know the kind that pocket dead soldiers funerals with signs that say God hates. Both sides are so caught up in their hate that they no longer can see the truth!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, I was just wondering why you choose to delete your religious thoughts about the Lord on your post where you allowed people to download a male model for absolutely free. I know it's not my business and I also know they've been people from time to time who've debated over whether or not it was appropriate to tie something CG to religion. But I always thought it was cool that there were people out there, such as yourself, that took pride in your religion and really took the steps to help others find their way, or at least think about the Lord and all that he's done (is doing and will continue to do for us) despite the fact that we're not worthy. I'm not telling you what to do, of course, but I hope one day you do put those words back up! If someone is offended by it, then it's unfortunate, but it's your blog and you're the one who chose to create a detailed model and upload it for people to download for free when not many artists would even consider doing that, especially professionals. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this.

NickZ. said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say I "choose to delete your religious thoughts.." There is only one person's post that I deleted, and that was because at the time I believed that person was only here to bash God. I really can't say if that is the truth or not, I went back and reread the comments and I don't know...I could only infer what that persons motives were by their own personal blog and the things that they wrote here. You know I would fully engage with someone even on the unconformable subjects of the bible, but they should show a little backbone as well and not hide behind the anonymous tag. Like I said in earlier post, I believe that Christ is who He says He is to the point that I will put Him first. That means my art, my cg, my family and my supposed "reputation."

Now am I the best defender of the Do I do everything the right way when defending I'm more like Peter....I do what I think is right and often have to apologize for my tone or my tactics.

Regardless of what I do right or wrong (trust me I am not delusional about the volume of things I still don't get right.)my hope is that I still present Christ in the correct way, in truth and in love! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I explained it wrong! I wasn't referring to a comment you or someone else posted about Jesus Christ. I was referring to your December 21, 2012 post. In that post (under the image of the male model, along with the text explaining the features of the model) you had a message regarding the Lord.

Actually, here is a print screen someone took and posted on the Zbrush Central forum:

That is actually how the image/text on your December 21, 2012 post originally looked. I don't know when you changed it (maybe it was months ago for all I know) but I was just trying to say that it was unfortunate and just really sad that some people were trying to take your generous act and turn it into the initiative for an argument to spread their hate against God, or to just start a fight about in general. Anyway, I hope one day you can change back your post to how it originally looked! God bless :)

Anonymous said...

(Let's see if this appears)

My name is on the infamous blog Nick keeps referring to, so the accusation that I'm not showing backbone and hiding behind an anonymous tag is demonstrably false.

What he actually was trying to do was see what contributions to CG I've made, as if that was relevant to the discussion. It wasn't, and still isn't. Nick was uncomfortable with my questions, so he needed to an excuse to delete me.

I'm assuming this won't appear, but you'll see it, Nick. Oh, and anyone going to my blog will see it as well. :)

Anonymous said...


"What he actually was trying to do was see what contributions to CG I've made, as if that was relevant to the discussion. It wasn't, and still isn't."

I don't want to argue with you but doesn't that logic also apply as to what he wrote in that post regarding his faith? He could have sold that model, like he does a few models on his website, but instead, he applied his faith to his passion, and he decided to give the model away for free to whoever (regardless of what their faith or lack of faith was) wanted it.

All I'm saying is everyone who downloaded that model/came across his blog aren't all Christian and for those who weren't question, they didn't care or didn't mind what he wrote about his faith. Let's be honest, most Christians who probably saw his post probably didn't think anything or probably thought "cool, he's Christian." You know? A free model isn't going to make anyone change their mind on what they want to believe in but if someone voices a personal side of their life on their blog, no one should really speak out against them unless it's something extreme and insane. So, I don't get why you care to argue with him or why it's a big deal or an issue at all that he quoted something from the new testament and wrote something spiritual.

NickZ. said...

Welcome Dave! Nice to finally know your name! :)

One question, hypothetical of course. If there was a God, and the bible was the truth and Christ really did come to this earth to personally die for you, would you accept Him or reject Him?

Your answer does matter in this conversation I'm about to embark on with you, because if all those things were true an you still choose to reject it then there really isn't any thing of worth that I could offer you. I'm sorry there is not, I'm not greater than my master and I am but a very, very poor reflection of Him. So if you reject Him and his teachings what could I possibly offer you other than some sort of quasi Internet debate?

Anonymous said...

"I don't want to argue with you but…"

"but" LOL!

It's not really free if it's a tool for proselytizing.

The lack of comments objecting to the proselytizing is not necessarily evidence that visitors didn't find the proselytizing objectionable. Most people would instead just tell someone else about someone behaving objectionably rather than actually confront the person. Human nature, you know? That's part of why I commented originally, to offer a little friendly advice but then Nick went bananas (which again isn't a good PR thing).

And it's not about him being Christian. That's irrelevant. It's about proselytizing. It's inappropriate, as inappropriate as racy photos, political quotes, or anything comparably provocative and non-CG.

NickZ. said...

@ Dave Philly, I appologize if I went "bananas" again I don't always represent Christ in the loving manner that I should. I'm not perfect but He is. Glory to God! :)

Anonymous said...

@Nick: First, I don't see the point of the question since I said I'm interested in CG discussions, not JC discussions. ;)

If you really want to talk religion with me, feel free to email me. I think such a discussion distracts from the CG which is really why people are coming to your blog. Let's be honest here.

I will say that your question is not a yes/no question. If there was evidence for existence, then you'd have to accept that they exist but those characters (Jesus and Yahweh) are not very acceptable characters.

Anyway, I'd prefer to talk shop, as in CG. If you don't want to talk CG, well, then I guess there isn't anything of worth that I could offer you. ;)

NickZ. said...

@ Dave Philly, well...what do you want to talk about that is CG related?

For me - The new ZBrush is cool. Do you like it? :)

Do you like creating things for movies, games, print, or just personal hobby?

Have you used a Cintiq yet? I love sculpting on these things.

To be honest, I'm about sick of looking at the model on the front page...all I see are things I would like to change. I've been meaning to change that for some time...I think I better get on that!

Is CG the thing that makes you the most happy in life?

Anonymous said...

I don't get to spend enough time in ZBrush, unfortunately. I'm also of the ilk who prefer building a solid base model first rather than sculpt first and then retopo. I still remember having to create these details without having tools like ZB or MB.

I mostly do modeling and animation for medical and educational projects.

Aside from the cost, I'd have to reinvent how I work if I had a Cintiq. I do 30" monitor + tablet in front, keyboard angled at left.

My criticism of the model concerns polyflow. First, I get that you prefer to use ZB to define surface details, but I prefer to do more upfront to establish surface details through polyflow. You started doing that until you got to the lats but then everything below that doesn't reflect that same thinking. The other issue is polyflow for articulation, and the hips and ass don't reflect articulation consideration. Same with ankle. The sculpt is great and like I said, I think your poly layout was more for evenly spaced ploys for sculpting and in that sense this is laid out really well, but I always think articulation first. Did you have a singular reference or was he a freeform creation? Anyway, no matter how good a work is, I think every artist cringes at looking at anything they did in the past, no? I mean, nothing is ever good enough. If it were, why keep working?

Btw, if you haven't read it yet you'd probably enjoy War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It's good but gets way too spiritual at times for my taste (so much so that he had to get a non-religious friend to write the foreword). It would probably be right up your alley. I get how you can use irrational thinking for motivation and to help visualize and coordinate thoughts and actions (i.e. - "chi" in martial arts, "personal demons", etc) but at times he goes too far off the rails for me. With that said, there are sections which are simply brilliant. Ironically, there are parallels between how he talks about overcoming resistance to channel your creative muse and Nietzsche's overcoming and will to power.

NickZ. said...

Yes, the topology is rather quadratic in all locations, this is to allow you to start with this base shape and really tweak it out to something vastly different.

If I was only going to use this model solely for a human mesh then I might consider having edge loops and edge flow actually describe out specific muscle shapes.

Also the main goal of mine for a mesh like this was digital sculpting. Anything other than a grid formation can cause irregularities in the surface where five or more faces come together.

Zbrush has a different smoothing algorithm for dealing with this. Hold down shift to smooth and as you are smoothing the surface let go of shift and continue to smooth the surface. This works but if it can be avoided in the mesh all the better.

This mesh was developed and tweaked over a large period of time, so I was influenced by looking at many different references. If I was going to point to one artist today I would have to say Scott Eaton would be a great artist to look at for mastery in anatomy. There is an I-pad and I-phone/I-pod app called L'Ecorch'e (MD3D) that is downright amazing. (I would highly recommend it for any artist.)

Very true what you said about the artistic pursuit, if we are satisfied with our abilities, will we ever truly push ourselves to lean and grow?

It almost seems by your last statement that anytime you see something that isn't "rational" though, you start to dismiss it.

Would that be a correct assumption?

And I would guess that in your world view all things rational have to be grounded in touch, taste, smell, hear and sight? Things that are observable and testable?

It "seems" that is what really drives you and motivates you?

But as an artist, do you feel that these are truly the only things that motivate you/drive you or have you found in the past or present that producing art for another reason.

Let's just use love as an example, have you ever created art for someone as an expression of your love for them?

It almost seems as if (from your writing) that there is level of non rationality that you tolerate but when it crosses this threshold that is when you say enough is enough and some sort of non physical wall comes up.

In your estimation... what is that threshold?

Just curious.... (I guess we could say this is all art related...:) )

Anonymous said...

"A" for effort for still trying to bring this around to a religious discussion. :)

What I think should be tolerable are people's self indulgences provided they are just self indulgences. When they negatively affect others then I find that objectionable. For example, drinking is ok but drinking and driving isn't. Smoking is ok but smoking in a public space, subjecting others to second hand smoke, isn't. Faith indulgences are ok but if they lead to denying your kid medical care or voting to prevent others' rights, then it's not ok. Does that make sense?

I've been talking with Michael Defeo about expansion ideas for the app. Wouldn't it be cool if there was something comparable for different animals? He seems like a really nice guy, btw. I haven't talked with Scott before though, but I love his books.

Anyway, the War of Art has some valuable ideas about overcoming artist block and general procrastination. If someone needs to frame some of it in a spiritual way, so be it. Everyone's wired differently.

As far as poles, you can use them to your advantage. The change in flow at a pole can cause a surface effect like a separation between muscles that otherwise would require more polys. I'd never use anything greater than a 5-pole, though. Also, of course, you' wouldn't want to place a pole in a deformation zone.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just noticed that the image on your post (along with the religious text/your words) disappear completely if you use Adblocker on Firefox or maybe if you use firefox in general because when I looked at it on Safari I saw it just fine :) So, I'm sorry for the comment yesterday asking why you took it down; it was just my browser!

scott davidson said...

I pondered to myself recently what were the most important things in my life. The answer seems to be clear that art was up there in importance. Why? Frankly, I don't really know. May be someone here can enlighten me?
As was my wont w
hen I have some free time, I browsed the marvelous site,, where they keep thousands of digital images for customers to select to have printed into handsome canvas prints for their homes.
This image jumped out to jolt my reveries: Still life with bread, by the Cubist Georges Braque. Is art like this picture, as essential as bread and water, or should I say bread and wine?

Anonymous said...

hi Nick! i don't know if you read your comments but if you have the time and if it's not any trouble, can you help me out? i created a model in maya but when i import it into zbrush and then import it back into maya, the model loses the crisp details that i had.. i was wondering if there's a way to import the model back while maintaining the crisp detail i had. thanks a lot.

JPad said...

God bless you Mr. Zuccarello! Thank you for the model, and for courageously proclaiming your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!

You have amazing talent and work in your portfolio. Amazing stuff!

I am a fellow 3d character modeler in NYC trying to work my way up in the industry. It's been a rough ride trying to jump-start my career, but guys like you keep me encouraged and motivated to continue enjoying and expanding knowledge in the digital arts.

Unknown said...

Hi Nick. I wanted so much to talk with you since I saw your work today (20.04.2013) and I couldn't find another way so I'm posting here. Before I found Jesus Christ and He found me, and delivered me from sin I loved entertainment, movies, games and art that doesn't have anything with faith and of which I am now sure are ugliness in our "Lord's eyes". I was blind back then and I wasn't doing God's will, but when I understood His calling I saw that someone that loves our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can't love all these things which the world loves. I gave up movies, games, world of warcraft which ruined so much of my youth, and all other sins like lust and other miseries I will not mention. I tried not to sin before but without success, only Christ could break the chains with which satan was keeping me away from Life. I am now encouraging you from all my heart to pray and realize the ugliness of all this art that involves monsters, demons aliens and many other. Imagine seeing in real life these monsters and demons which people draw and admire. Do you really think Jesus agrees with all these? I would like to talk to you and share opinions and experiences of our travel in this life. Please excuse any mistakes, english is not my language, and please think about this message and let me know what you think of it. God bless you!

sepatu pantofel pria said...

hi NickZ, great job

teltura said...

Thanks so much for putting this kind of stuff out there for people to use. I would note that the adobe workspace site you're using on this post (which date is showing as 2020, btw) says that it's being removed January 2015. You'll need to rehost if you don't want it to evaporate off the web, which would be a shame.

Thanks again, just thought I'd give a heads-up!

Anonymous said...


Looks great, but could you please upload it in OBJ or other general format? See there are people in the Universe like myself, who are not working with Zbrush and I can't open/import ZTL with anything I use. And I'm not going to torrent an illegal copy and spend hours to make it work Under Linux only so I can convert that file.

Could you please add an OBJ download? Thanks in advance!


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Here i am, just finding out about you... JUST NOW Learning Zbrush... a whole 11 years later... it's incredible how Time flies and works.. i just JUST downloaded your Grey Super Sculpey and Dirty Castilene colors TODAY... colors you made in 2008... back when i was playing World of Warcraft so much i didn't even think things like Zbrush even existed... now here i am, learning about you and your fantastic career in Zbrush.
you've got a new fan. thanks for the free models and colors!
i know it's 11 years later, but if you could make a lighter color of Castilene that'd be awesome lol. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Also i forgot to mention, since its so many years later, i hope you're doing well my brother. i am myself a Christian, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating so much to the Zbrush Community. hope to hear from you soon.

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