Saturday, June 14, 2008

ZBrush: Using Photos As Displacement

I have a new tutorial up on

ZBrush: Using Photos As Displacement

In this tutorial we will be taking a look at how we can use Photos as mask to build controlled displacement on our model inside of ZBrush. We will be using textures, alphas, Zbrush deformation tools and 3D layers. The Final 3D ZTool and images will be provided with the tutorial.


Hope you enjoy!

Peace-NickZ. :)


Brett Sinclair said...

This is still incredible. The detail is excellent.

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.Nick

I just watched your tutorial and I really love it. But I really need your help to explain to me how you created these different maps in photoshop and why exactly these specific maps...I should know if I want to apply your tips to my workflow !

Thanks a lot

Can you please mail me your answer to

NickZ. said...

Anonymous, The thinking behind the maps was this. For each map I was think of trying to separate the images into depth. One for over all shape (blobby) one for mid level detail (Semi blurry) High level detail (Fairly clear map) and high frequency detail (high contrast map with only a few details showing through. If you follow the tutorial then you should get an idea of what each map is doing and then try to apply that same work flow to your own image and sculpt.

Hope that helps! Peace-NickZ. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for you help :)

I followed it and I got a real nice result. I have a question about the first step in the tutorial when you decided to 'offset' the deformation in the 'z' axis only.... wouldn't it be better if it deform in both 'z' &'x' ?

Because I noticed that after I finished the process some parts of the sculpt are getting deformed from the front view but if you rotate around you see flat spots!

BTW: Thanks for the quick response ;)

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Cedar Shoals Baptist Church said...


I ran across a website where you mentioned using a Motion Computing LE1600 with Painter 11. I just bought both, I have maxed out the tablet with 1.5 GB of ram and have very little programs on it now. I have not yet received Painter 11 through FedEx. You mentioned keeping the image size down. What is the maximum size you recommend? By the way I am a Christian Pastor (full time). I used to do Civil 3D Autocad designing bridges, roads and some architectural work. I also do free hand conceptual work in pen, ink and watercolor. I've done some limited work with Painter 8 in the past. I started a website several years ago but had to give it up to one of the artist since I've entered the ministry full time about 3 years ago. I love your work (not crazy about the subject matter, demons, etc. but understand it is your livelihood.)
Blessings ... In Christ Jesus,
Michael King

an_innocent_puppy said...

This tut is so old , it shud be made free.

NickZ. said...

Already been done! :)