Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Working With ZSpheres (Spidey 3D Sketch time - lapse)

This is a time lapse move that I created from a ZBrush session. I started with some ZSpheres, created some geometry and then started sculpted that into the final model of Spidey.

This video is a time - lapse movie of the entire session. This is about 3 hours worth of work condensed into about 9 minutes.

Peace - NickZ.


jjutt said...

i really appreciated you making this time lapse, especially with zspheres! i tried playing with them but they always looked better before i turn them into geometry. So it looks like you just used clay tubes and move? Very inspiring, oh and i gotta try that masking technique. Very clever!
Joaquin E. Jutt

Adam Carroll said...

Thanks for the time lapse. I'm trying to start using the clay tubes brush like you do for this. It seems to be a great way to quickly add in muscle groups. Is there any way to get a slower version of the video? I wanted to see how you do the elbows and triceps (an area i struggle with) but it goes by so fast i can't see well. No problem if you can't, I'm sure i just need more practice.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

cool! thanks a lot!