Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Spider Man ZBrush Model (.ZTL)

Here is a free Spider Man 3D sketch ZBrush model that I created. You are free to download and check out in ZBrush 3.0.

I would love to see some people take the model and pose it using Transpose tools in ZBrush.


File has been updated as of March 22, 2015. I updated download link, added a Zremesher low resolution version as an obj, a high resolution version as an obj, created a new project file for ZBrush 4R6, cleaned up the old meshes that are in subtool parts, set everything up to render with BPR render. Added this all to one easy to download ZIP file.Hope you all enjoy! :)


yazz3d said...

I love this one ´cause I am a huge fan of spidey.

Very nice!!!

EZ said...

Thanks for the spider man mesh it came in handy
here are some alter pic of it i did.

zoom For Larger View



NickZ. said...


That is awesome dude! Thanks for posting up your images! :)

EZ said...

turn table

with your character i could only subdivide to 8
but when i model a ZSphere body and projected it then i could subdivide to 9
i only modeled it in subdiv 8 tho


i have lots of plugins if you want to try any

if you have any questions you can e mail at

put in the subject line the word> zbrush
if i dont answer to it then i probably didnt receive your e mail.

i dont mind answering it here but some one ELSE could post using my same name
which would be a impostor

EZ said...

here is a link to that projection
short and small video

before i started
i made the mesh a polymesh 3D which killed the subdivision levels
then brought back the subdivision levels when adding a ZSphere body and projection it

EZ said...

hey i used your spider man mesh is this video
the mesh is pretty cool

ez said...

dag audio messed up try the wmv

naruto episode said...

amazing with black spiderman, very strong with venom power

Anonymous said...

Can you fix the download link please

Thanks in advace

pinkforrest said...

Good work. I saw that movie on how you've created it. Amazing skills.

spiderman said...

Don't miss the next spider man movie .

blogpruebas said...

The download link is missed

NickZ. said...

I fixed the download link for the ZBrush model. Hope this helps someone out! I have had a few request to fix the download link. Please let me know if it works for you! Peace-NickZ.

Anonymous said...

download link is broken (>.<)

Anonymous said...

link roto

link broken

NickZ. said...

Ano, please try this again. Make sure that you have the latest version of Flash installed. I am using Adobe Acrobat.com to store the ZIP file. Follow the onscreen instructions to download. Thanks and good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Please help me!

Could you make an version of this in .obj? I want to use it in a game, but the 3d software I'm using doesn't support .ztl


Anonymous said...

Could you please have an .obj version of this model? The software I use doesn't support it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Work!
Can I paint it,and do a little touch up?
I may also use it in a new game(non commercial)i am developing !

NickZ. said...

Should be able to polypaint no problem. I think you need to make UV's though. Sure.... Use it for whatever you wish! :) Peace-NickZ. :)

Anonymous said...

Link broken? Any chance to upload the model again? Thanks

NickZ. said...

Try to download again. You might need an Adobe Acrobat Account....I don't think so though.

Jeffalo said...

Hi Nick, This is a long shot, but is there a chance that this spidey model still exists? The link doesn't work.

NickZ. said...

Alright, fixed this post up, should be functional again! This time with all new goodies! Take a look at the notes listed in the post! :)

Jeffalo said...

awesomeness, thanks a bunch