Monday, March 10, 2008


Tortosaurs are a genetic mix between Human, Brontosaur, and Tortoise.
Tortosaurs are not the fastest moving creatures on the planet, in fact some would say that the are downright slow, but where the Tortosaur lacks in speed he well compensates for it in power. A Tortosaur is believed to posses the strength of over 100 men.
Tortosaurs live in the great plains with the wild WerkOx, but they do not hunt these great beast but rather use them as beast of burden.
Tortosaurs and domesticated WerkOx over the years have developed a special bond. A young teenage Tortosaur is bound to a calf WerkOx from birth.
Tortosaurs average life span is around 100 - 150 years. It is said that the eldest of the Tortosaurs, Eldor, has been alive for over 200 hundred years.
Tortosaurs are great keepers of nature, they single handily over see the health and maintenance of over 1,000 plants and animals in the Great Plains and Oak Wood forest.
Tortosaurs have also been graced with being the protectors of the TIME power core.
Tortosaurs are some the most gentle, compassionate, humble and loyal creatures you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.
The young Tortosaur by the name “Trunk” will eventually cross paths with A.D.A.M There is an instant connection between A.D.A.M. and “Trunk.”
Trunk vows to follow A.D.A.M. to the bitter end on his quest to restore the human race.

Here is a rendering of Trunk.
Here is a drawing of a Werkox.

Here is a drawing of a Tortosaur time ring.

Here are some drawings of what young Tortosaurs look like.

Tortosaurs live a lot like the Indians did on the great plains.

Here is a version of Trunk that I sculpted in Maya and ZBrush. Some day I will finnish all the fine detail work on this character

Peace -NickZ. :)

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