Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some Sculptures Of Mine

Here are some sculptures that I have worked on in the past. The first, my favorite is a cool cat named Tylor. I just fined this sculpture up and put him in an art show that my company was was holding at an outside (Outside the company) venue. My sculpture was stolen at some point after the show and I never have seen it since. I worked on this piece on and off for over a year. It was my first complete sculpt up to that time and I miss him so. Let me know if you have seen him... sniff sniff (fake crying) I am bummed about loosing my sculpture but I did get a new computer out of the deal so I can't cry too hard.

This here is the second full sculpture that I created. He is called the Dragon Strider. This best is a giant that lives in the great canyon, he is ancient and his days are not known. This race has always existed from the beginning of recorded time. They are docile creatures that roam the canyons, they have been harnessed for transportation to the various canyon villages.

I made a base for this guy that is a huge cliff structure that he sits upon. I will have to get some new pictures up of this soon.

This beast here was my fist attempt at doing a full figure. Notice it is just a bust? Well the whole full figure thing didn't go so well. When I first started this sculpture I was on Christmas break at my wife's parents house. I had the super sculpey but no wire. So I built a skeleton with aluminum foil, mistake number 1. I also made the thickness of the sculpey way too thick, this made the sculpt very top heavy, mistake number 2. I then used Sculpey (White) as the base of the body, sculpey is not as strong as Super Sculpey, mistake number 3. I had this guy all rouged out as a full figure, he stood all on his own, then one morning I woke up and he was in pieces on the floor. Turns out that the foot cracked on the sculpture and this cause the whole thing to fall to the floor and well.... I could still make a bust out of it, so that is what I did. I then painted the bust with acrylic paint using my air brush and traditional paint brushes. Please learn from my mistakes and do not do what I did. :)



m3ng said...

I love this character!

Teach me how to airbrush?

NickZ. said...


Sure, we might have to have a class on this. Maybe we can paint our sculpture after our sculpting class is finished. :)

Anonymous said...

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Lou Mareno said...

Hey Nick,
justwanted too say thank you for showing us rookies how is done, you put alot of work on your web site for us to learn, and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am, keep up the fantastic work!
Your Fan & Student
Lou Mareno