Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mastering UDK Game Development

I have recently been scouring the internet trying to find as much information about UDK as possible. I have been successful in finding ways to push my art into UDK, but I have recently become interested in learning more about how to push the interactive component of what I am creating in UDK. It seems like that information is a bit harder to find.

I was recently introduced to Mastering UDK Game Development (with John P. Doran) through PACKT Publishing. Mastering UDK Game Development is a great and affordable resource to push your art/gaming knowledge with UDK.

 The book will quickly get you up to speed on how to set up a custom camera view through kismet and tie that to gameplay. Their example shows how to set up for a side scroller scenario, I will be taking what I am learning and create an over the shoulder (Gears of War) type game. The book does a really nice job of getting you a bit more familiar with advancing your art from past the “just getting the art in the game” stage to where you will be creating small little creative game scenarios.

This book was the perfect information for the stage that I am at as an artist and UDK user. I know how to get everything in and make it pretty; now with the help of Mastering UDK Game Development I can actually fell like I can do something interactive with my art. If you are interested in learning a little scripting as well as the UDK kismet set up, this book will help get you started without frying your fragile artist brain! (Well that is how I usually feel when I try to script!)

So if my UDK situation sounds like where you are at currently and you are hitting a wall, I recommend taking a look at this great resource!

 Here is a direct link to the e-book on PACKT Publishing page:

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