Friday, February 10, 2012

ZBrush Photoshop Comic book Illustration Techniques

This is a video that I put together for my students at FIEA. In this video we go over how we can use Photoshop and ZBrush as a way to build more of an illustrative/comic book look. We will be using some really cool toon shaders for ZBrush that you can find here (Click Here To Load)

I will be talking a lot about how we can use Zapplink to send images from ZBrush to Photoshop and then a lot of techniques revolving around the solid color tool inside of Photoshop.

Hope you enjoy! Peace-NickZ. :)


Mathieu Bernier said...

Yeah, thank you for teaching me wath to do with my own material!! I'm a big fan of your work, this is why I used your model in the presentation. Now I understand why my trafic jump that high on my site! ;)
Thank too for sharing, this is very cool to see wath masters can do with them.
Chears NickZ!!! :)

NickZ. said...

@ Mathieu, thanks bud! Thanks so much for the shaders! They are awesome!

Download Adobe Photoshop 7 said...

O man you are awesome, I am astonished, Is this video is yours? Or you just upload it? Nice work.