Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Resurfacing In ZBrush (Set Up Process)

In this video we will take a look at a set up process that I use to resurface meshes inside of ZBrush.



egy said...

Hi Nick,

Very nice tutorial! Many thanks! I have a Question. How can I do to resurface just the hands of my model? I wanna keep the rest of the body just the way it is (it is all in a single mesh). As you can see I am very new with Zbrush :) Thanks again.

3dindex said...

Very Good.Thanks.

NickZ. said...

egy & 3dindex - Thank ya! :) @ egy, it sounds like you just want to resurface the hands and keep the body the way it is. You can do this if you just have the hands intersect with the body that is a separate object, this will cause a seem though. I would resurface everything and then project the sculpt you already have onto the new geo. Hope that helps! :)

Peace-NickZ. :)